Todays Breaking News Reminds Me Of What Really Matters In Life


Some people take risks in life and business, would you consider Snorkeling with your family a big risk? I highly doubt it (and you shouldn’t).

We our all creatures that need play in our lives. Unfortunately sometimes things are beyond our control and a terrible situation arrises.

I wish this was not the case but sometimes life is just plain cruel.

After seeing this article in the news today

It made me think of a recent family vacation I was on. It is so important to enjoy life but also take every safety measure possible when doing activities you are not used to.

Unfortunately this advice would probably not of helped on this occasion but for anybody planning on trying Snorkeling on their next vacation please read on.

Diving is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Hobbyists are quickly becoming full-time enthusiasts. Holiday divers becoming full-blown hobbyist. Simply put, the idea of modern-day exploring in the ocean depths is becoming a fast-growing pastime for many. But scuba diving is not always strictly fun and games. There is a serious risk of complications and injuries that naturally comes with putting one’s self in deep and expansive waters.

This is why many practice in pools and in safe shallows before venturing out into deeper and less explored areas. One must fully appreciate the risk they are taking before they step into the deep blue. However, no matter how prepared, things can go wrong. Knowing what to do is the best bet of survival.

The most important way to avoid something going wrong is the pre-dive safety check. Before you dive, you must check everything. When you are satisfied everything is safe, check it again. So many small complications can become large if the proper pre-dive steps were not taken to insure safety. Making sure all the gauges, computers, and systems work properly can save not only your life but also others who must come to your aid if something goes wrong.

If things still go wrong after all your checks are cleared, it is important to remember the concepts of SAFE DIVE. Self-reliance means knowing you can manage for yourself. Attitude means coming into every dive knowing everything will be okay, and if something goes wrong you can fix it. Fitness means being physically prepared for the exertion that is asked of you when on a dive. Experience means that you have the training and/or underwater hours to know what will be asked of you.

Diving skills means that you are sure you have the abilities to go along with your general fitness. Involvement means making the plans and implementing the safety checks not only for you but also for others. Variety means knowing how to keep your mind sharp by giving yourself something new every time and making every dive a new and exciting experience. And finally, Equipment means making sure that you possess the right materials to make a safe and affect dive.

When you follow the rules of SAFE DIVE, you do not only ensure yourself a quality dive. You also ensure that everyone else can enjoy his or her dive as well. When everyone is safe, confident, capable, and fully prepared, there is less reason for concern. The number one cause of underwater mistakes is ill preparedness. The number two cause of underwater problems is panic and being unsure. When people are unsure, they panic.

When people panic, they are likely to be hurt. And even if others are around to help them, their panic can cause harm to others. The number one rule when any negative situation arises is to make sure that you do not panic. If someone else is panicking, then the best rule is to make sure you can calm him or her as best as possible.

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How to Brand Yourself the Expert

the business branding

Personal branding is a term that has a lot of buzz around it. You must walk your talk if you are going to be perceived as an expert in your field. Donald Trump, Huge Heffner, Madonna and Oprah are the ultimate examples of successful personal branding. They are extremely wealthy people who have found wealth by KNOWING WHO THEY ARE. Their secret is that they tapped into themselves and figured out how to sell it. By embracing and owning their values they positioned themselves as the ultimate go-to person in their industries. Albeit, there are a lot of other components involved in personal branding, but knowing who you are is fundamental.
Personal Branding means clarifying and communicating what makes you different, and embracing those qualities to guide and grow your business. It’s about understanding your you- niqueness: your strengths, values, and passions, and using them to distinguish yourself from the competition.
You may not be featured on the cover of Time Magazine or Forbes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be revered in your industry as the go-to expert.When you know who you are and OWN IT people will be instantly drawn to you and WANT to do business with you! THEY WILL SEEK YOU OUT!
The world in which we live and do business has changed. It’s all over the news, we hear it over and over again: we have a soft economy, and people are holding off on spending. There are lots of businesses competing for our hard earned dollars. What that translates to is this: YOU BETTER BE YOU-NIQUE in your approach to gaining new clients and keeping existing ones.Finding Your You-niqueness
Since your brand is a reflection of you, the way to begin to define your brand is to tap into yourself and identify your values. What are you built on? Next, define what you are passionate about. Lastly, what comes natural to you? Who are you first thing in the morning? What can you not live without?Know your brand and you will gain expert status!
Here are some questions to guide you when developing your brand’s identity:Who am I? What words do people use to describe me?What results does my brand currently provide my clients with? What results do I want to see from my brand? Have I accurately defined my target market?Does my personality match my brand’s personality? Is my brand’s personality strong enough to make a lasting impression?How do I want to be perceived by my current and potential clients?Am I living authentically? Does my personality define me?If my brand were human, what would its characteristics be?
Answering these questions will give you a strong start to truly knowing your brand’s identity and showcasing your unique flair

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Discover 4 Energetic Principles to Doing Business & Life with Clarity, Focus and Ease –Air, Water, Fire & Earth


I am a firm believer in uniting spiritual principles and practical business principles in order to have a completely fulfilling and sustainable business and life.

I invite you to take time and experience the words below and see how they can support you in creating more free time, more business and more income!

 The 1st energy is AIR

Air represents the energy of movement If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. Henry Ford

Just as the evening breeze encourages the leaves to dance with each other you are in a similar position as a business owner. Your ability to incorporate movement and orchestrate the dance with all who are attracted to you will catapult you to even greater heights. MINDSET: You are the movement your clients are looking for. The transformation you are offering up to your clients is their movement. Embrace the energy of the air and glide to the next level that is calling you.

Take a few moments and define what kind of movement your business is in need of. Is it a new direction? Is it time to re-visit your core message? Be open and honest and reveal to yourself where you are not moving in your business. Where are you stuck? What is the underlying cause of the “stuck”?

 The 2nd energy is WATER

Water represents the energy of flexibility“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.”  Tom Robbins

The element of water in your business is representative of the ability to adapt. As the business owner, it is in your best interest to become fluid and become one with what is presently going on in your business; acceptance. I know for a lot of you this may seem very scary to allow what is to just be, but the universal law of cause and effect is always present and the universe is all knowing. Trust in what IS.

Imagine a flowing stream as the water effortlessly glides and molds to what is.  Maybe the stream has branches or rocks in its path that could potentially throw the flow off, but what is so amazing is the ability of the water to adapt, to take the shape of what is!  The water will always follow its natural path and makes adjustments for what’s in its way. That is YOUR LESSON!

As a business owner your goal is to allow natural order to flow.  Use your purpose statement as a guide. Stay on course with what is.  Be driven by the allure of the fluidity of business. Embrace change and accept that nothing lasts forever and with the principle of movement and flexibility you are charting the future with clarity and ease.

Today consciously relinquish control and just be in the moment. Be with what is.  Don’t fight with it, simply allow it.

Remind yourself frequently –I AM HERE TO BRING ______________ TO THE WORLD!  Be flexible in the ways you show up!

The 3rd energy is FIRE

Fire – represents the energy of transformation“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun.”  Pablo Picasso

Taking on the role of business owner is a huge responsibility as you already know; budgets, staff, services, bank accounts, etc.. I want to congratulate you, first and foremost, for believing in YOU enough to say, “I can take what I’ve learned and be a teacher.”  It’s time to embrace your skills and belief in your clients and become the catalyst to transform your clients’ businesses and lives.

A very powerful transformation is happening: you are helping to strengthen the global economy by creating your own economy! You should be very proud of YOU!

In the role of transformer, you will find yourself being challenged by your beliefs. As you acquire new clients and face new obstacles, it is your job to remain open to your own transformation. It is through your own transformation that you will be able to hold the space for your clients to transform into something more. Shifts create clarity! Steps to Transforming YOUR Beliefs to Support Who YOU ARE TODAY

Identify your belief – notice it showing up in your physical body

Feel it in your body – what does it literally feel like? Notice the literal physical feeling

Accept – be with it as the observer. Allow the feeling to be.Create the Shift – Go inside and connect to an issue/challenge/belief

Ask yourself the following:

Is it true? really feel into it

What does believing this belief cost me?

Who would I be without this belief?

How can I make the opposite of this belief be truth?

The 4th energy is Earth

Earth – represents the energy of stability “True stability results when presumed order and presumed disorder are balanced. A truly stable system expects the unexpected, is prepared to be disrupted, waits to be transformed.” Tom Robbins

This is a very simple principle to grasp – ground yourself in something stable and pure.

When I talk about grounding I am talking about being connected to your beliefs, your integrity, your purpose.

The universe has a natural rhythm; the sunrise/set, the tide, the planets and so does our life.  It is when we “think” we can control the natural rhythms that we are literally throwing ourselves off course. This might show up in your business as fear, which masquerades as lack, frustration, and resignation.

Incorporating the earth energy into your business is as easy as touching the physical earth.  So often we get caught up in the numbers and the stress of doing business that we forget to keep our feet firmly planted. How can you expect to have a successful and thriving business if you are personally “off center”?

I invite you to re-visit mother earth. Re-connect to Her strength.  While reconnecting, ask Her for wisdom and guidance to unite with your intellect and free will.  These are very powerful tools when it comes to professional success.

I personally have found when I stay connected to the Higher Power and use my intellect and practical knowledge, it is the recipe for success in all areas!

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A Confident Woman Takes Action


How many times have you sat behind your desk and pondered exactly what your next move should be?

More times than I can keep count of I have had the deer in headlights thing happen to me. I know what I want to say and still, I sit there paralyzed. I keep making excuses as to why I am not moving forward. One of my favorite excuses is, “I’m still working on the missing pieces”, or “It needs something more.” No matter what I do, I never feel it is complete enough or good enough. I am writing in present tense because IT STILL HAPPENS TO ME!

I often find myself caught in comparison mode and all my past feelings and beliefs about myself surface. Things like, “I’m not smart enough,” “I don’t have enough education,” or “I’m a fraud.” These are actual thoughts that STILL creep into my subconscious, and if I ALLOW them, they will creep into my life, on a professional and personal level.

I’d like to tell you that, with a magic wand, all the feelings of inadequacy fade away, BUT that’s not going happen. But, what can happen if you are willing to work at it, is YOU CAN REPROGRAM your thoughts and it’s a very simple process that requires what I refer to as the 3 A’s.

1. Awareness
2. Acceptance
3. AlignmentAwareness
Before anything can change, you must become aware that it exists. Because the main theme of my business and my life is simplify, I keep it easy.
When I sit paralyzed at my desk, I simply ask myself ,“What’s going on with me?” I keep a small notebook and pen, and write down all the thoughts that immediately flow into my head as I ask the question. Usually, I am quite familiar with the ideas, BUT seeing them in print helps me adjust to them and eventually allows me to go to the next step… Acceptance.
Let me be very clear here. Acceptance doesn’t mean you agree with or condone the thoughts. It just means you are willing to allow them to be. You remove any attachment to them. Think of yourself as the observer. You are watching yourself have the thoughts/feelings and you are NOT JUDGING! Have the mindset of radical acceptance. A phrase I am known for is, “IT IS WHAT IT IS!”Alignment
The third step is alignment. This alignment refers to your PURPOSE, or your WHY, why you do what you do. I strongly encourage you to write out your PURPOSE STATEMENT or your WHY statement if you haven’t already done so. This is always going to be your point of reference. It’s your business GPS!
All your thoughts and actions should always align with your PURPOSE statement. After you have done step one and two, you must make sure you are lining up with your PURPOSE, your WHY.

I do not believe you will ever fully eliminate all the past beliefs (I am living proof of that), but I do firmly believe that you can learn a way to work with them and find the ultimate success and happiness you desire. I am also living proof of that!

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3 Simple Tips to Create Loyal Customers Who Easily Spend Their Money to Continuously Work With You!


Ultimately we are all looking for security and women entrepreneurs are no exception. It is a painful realization when our clients/customers leave us. We make it personal and maybe even allow it to put us in fear.

As usual, I decided to learn from what I was experiencing. Pushing myself to find the right questions to ask my clients, as well as, my peers and myself so that I could create a clear understanding of what was going on. After a lot of soul searching and fact finding, I boiled my thoughts into three easy to understand tips to help you create lifelong loyal clients/customers like I have started doing.

I’m certain you are already providing a great service and customers are feeling satisfied. But we all know it’s cheaper to keep existing client/customers than to recruit constantly new so I am sharing three simple tips to help you grow your relationships and your business by creating lifelong loyal clients who love spending money with you and love referring you!

Tip #1  Give your clients options

Give your clients/customers a place to grow to. Keep things fresh and exciting for your clients.  Develop a continuum for the client to travel through.  You might think of this as levels; casual, connected, and committed is a great mindset by which to develop your unique continuum.  What do you offer the casual client, vs. the connected and ultimately the committed client?  Is there a difference? If you do not have a method for customers to grow with you, it’s time to think out of the box and create your continuum now! If they aren’t GROWING with you, they are GOING somewhere else.

Tip#2  Adopt an attitude of appreciation
Attitude is EVERYTHING!  Your clients are with you for very specific reasons.  Most likely how you make them feel has A LOT to do with it.  There is an old saying that says “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Create a client appreciate program. Be vocal about how much you love your ideal clients! Let your client experience the rewards on as many levels as possible. Take time today and sit down and develop your “I value you program.” Be creative with the name and make sure to implement it immediately your ROI will be huge!  Tip#3  Plants seeds and eliminate  over delivering

Stop trying so hard! You heard me, stop over delivering! Women have a tendency to over give, sometimes to their detriment. Women listen to their clients’ needs and right away they want to include more and more in their offerings.  My suggestion is instead of cramming more and more and not being compensated properly think about seeding opportunities.  Seeding is exactly what it sounds like; plant the seed for the next level in your continuum.  In simple terms seeding is all about letting people know how to work with you next.

I am all about keeping my uniqueness alive in my business and I encourage you to do the same. Take these 3 simple tips and make them your own.  Design, create and develop incentives and programs that are uniquely you and HAVE FUN doing it!

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