Writing Your Bio

successEver go into a new environment and not know where you were going? Maybe you went into a department store you’ve never been in, and you were looking for the shoe department.  Immediately you stop, and what do you do… you look up at the signs. The signs that clearly tell you where you want to go.


This should be the same philosophy you use for all your communication to your prospects and clients.  This is referred to as your call to action or CTA. The idea is you want to direct them to take some kind of action that is going to bring them closer to you.


Writing your bio is NO EXCEPTION. This is a great piece of real estate when it comes to nurturing and guiding prospects.  But, before you can write you bio and guide people along you must know exactly what you want them to know. Being precise matters. You want to give clear direction.


An example might be…  You want them to visit your Facebook page and LIKE you, or you may want to direct them to your blog.  The key to writing anything successful is to ALWAYS be mindful of what your reader is thinking…. WIIFM…What’s In It For ME.  So, if you are going to lead them to your blog you need to make sure you have a relevant and enticing paragraph describing your blog.. something they will want to click on and read.

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What Are Your Code Words?

self esteemMany of you reading this have your own business or would like to have your own business. I suspect if you have your own business you are playing a loop of limiting beliefs that are keeping you from making more money or attracting higher quality leads.  Your loop of limiting beliefs turns into a list of excuses that are fueled by fear and you create “code words” to hide your fear.

Here are some of the common “code words” Do you recognize any?

  • “Selling feels yucky”
  • “I don’t have the time”
  • “Who will pay me”
  • “I don’t know enough”
  • “I don’t really know what to say”
  • “I need to XYZ before I can charge”
  • “Networking is sleazy”
  • “You must have this degree or that degree before you____”
  • “I can’t afford it”

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How to get readers to fall in love with your blog

veronica sacred picThink about the last time you came across a really great looking guy.  You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. You were mesmerized by his everything. He captured your full attention. This is exactly what you want your blog to do for your readers!

Here is a list of MUST have’s to help people fall in love with your posts and YOU.

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3 Reasons Why You Would Hire A Copywriter

energy heartCopywriting doesn’t adopt all the traditional rules other types of writing does.  Writing copy is about connecting to a person heartstrings or HOT BUTTON and getting them to take some sort of action.

Copywriters are masters at sociology. They are curious by nature and find diving into the WHY of people fascinating.

In the online world your words are all you have. You can add those words to video, or you can put them in print, but the reality is, people will either be moved to take action by your words, or they will click away in a flash.

Here are a few reasons why hiring a copywriter could benefit you

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The challenges of being an entrepreneur

Silhouette of Business WomanStatistically speaking I should be on some street corner sipping cheap whiskey from a brown paper bag.  Suffice to say I grew up in major dysfunction.  I am the product of an alcoholic father and bi-polar mother who was also schizophrenic. There wasn’t a lot of love, praise or assurance to go around, and what little there was went to my very sickly little brother.

I was taught that you conform and follow the rules… even the crazy ones. I learned early on that to come out of the box was frowned upon and to do so would mean you were the outcast. And, there was always a penalty for disagreeing with the family.  They would cut you off from anything remotely close to affection.

After conforming for 30 years I finally took a leap and jumped out of my box. I left a very prosperous career and plunged into entrepreneurship.  I’d like to say it was all flowers and sunshine but the truth is I fell hard. Never in my life has my crap surfaced more than when I started my business.  I crashed mentally, physically and spiritually. I abandoned myself, my husband and my God. I was on a suicide mission fueled by fuck you and I’ll show you.

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What to do when you find yourself talking to yourself too much

“Motivation” Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.We are living in the era of all day jammies, flexible time tables, mid day naps, email meetings and isolation.  All side effects of owning a home – based business. As an owner of a home – based business you learn early on the walls can close in very quickly.

Conversations that once included other people now happen in your head (sometimes way too much) or with your computer screen. You can literally start to feel your separation from the real world.  Suddenly, it’s 3pm in the afternoon and you’re still in your jammies, or it’s 11am and the UPS man rings the bell and you still haven’t showered.

Running a home – based business has many perks but the downside is too much isolation which can lead to lack of motivation.  Restoring balance and returning to your normal level of sanity requires focused thought and careful planning.

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How to Turn Scared and Scattered Into Poised and Purpose Driven

flowerWhen you are a business owner education is irrelevant, how much funding you have doesn’t matter and who you network with is worthless IF you don’t believe in you.

The number one struggling haunting women business owners is the lack of belief in themselves.  Being tied to a story that no longer serves any purpose will be the ultimate death of your business. I know they are strong words but I have seen it happen.  No matter how great an idea is if you don’t believe in you NO ONE WILL!

Never in my life did my “stuff” surface more than when I made the decision to own my own business.  I was hit directly between the eyes with every fear based thought I ever had.  I kept hearing the little voice in my head, “who do you think you are to own a business”… “you’re not smart enough”…”you don’t know enough”… “no one will ever take you seriously.” Geez……. talk about tiring.

Battling the internal noise isn’t a once and done job. It will plague you at the most inconvenient times. The goal is to acquire skills to counteract the voice.. soothe it, and ultimately accept as part of you. Acceptance is the most powerful tool we will ever have as humans.

Here are a few tips that help me quiet the chatter.

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Facebook marketing and how it works

FacebookI’ll admit using Facebook can be like falling down a rabbit hole.  Sign on to check in, and before you know it 4 hours have passed. This can be especially dangerous for the already overwhelmed business owner who is unconsciously looking for the shiny stuff to distract them.

Facebook is also a proven path to successful marketing when done correctly and I’m not just talking about running ads, although they work too!  


Why Facebook Matters to Your Business

According to Pew Internet 71% of adults use Facebook. That’s 71% looking at one platform waiting for you to say the “right” things to them.  If you knew where a large group of prospects hung out wouldn’t you want to be there.  No matter what industry you’re in, online or brick and mortar Facebook will work if you when used correctly. You MUST be on Facebook! 

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Your ideal client is hiding in plain sight

money houseIf you want to make more money you have to STOP thinking  how can you get more people to buy from you and START thinking who is most likely to buy from you vs. your competitors!

That’s a huge statement….. the point is.. you MUST identify what makes you different than everyone else and specifically who is your ideal client.

Fingerprints remind us just how different and unique everyone actually is. Well, your potential clients have very significant likes and dislikes and let me just be bold and say this…. MANY people will dislike you – or at least opt not to do business with you. There, now that that’s out in the open let’s move on.

For every person who doesn’t like you somewhere there is a person waiting just for you. Feel better?  You #1 job is to know yourself.  Acknowledge and identify who you are and use it your advantage. This gets tricky for a lot of people because all their crap comes up. Just for now let’s agree you can put the crappy thoughts away.

If you are a Haagen Daz a Ben n Jerry’s might not go for you.  What???  They are both ice cream but their audience (and the way they market) are decidedly very different. By defining their brand identity and knowing SPEICIFCALLY who they are looking for they can create smart marketing and go after the group waiting for them.

Let me be clear and say that a Ben n Jerry lover might buy a pint of Haagen Daz, and they might love it.  The point is just because their ideal market profiles one way and their marketing efforts cater to that specific audience it doesn’t mean other “fish” won’t swim in their pond.  Follow me??  If not, jump on Facebook and ask me to explain


Before you know your ideal client you MUST know you!


Draw a line down the center of a piece of paper. On one side label it THINGS I LOVE ABOUT ME and on the other side THINGS EVERYONE ELSE LOVES ABOUT ME.  Merge the list and write out one benefit (for each trait) that you can give to your potential client because of all the wonderful traits you have!




Quick tip on auto responders

vd newsletterToday I’m going to talk about auto responders – the lifeline for your business. Auto responder’s or AR’s as I call them are a series of email’s you set up to automatically (AUTO) send to your list (people who opt-in).

What’s really great about AR’s is that you can say the same thing to the 1st person on your list or the million(th) person on your list.  When done correctly your AR series is showcasing your brand and gently nudging readers to come closer!

Wondering what to write about? 

Think of your AR’s as a way of saying thank you to the reader – they gave you their precious email and in exchange your give them VALUABLE content.  Content that will somehow, some way change their lives, solve their problems or at least keep them thinking about you.

I am a huge fan of the “list” sequence (10 ways to lose weight and balance your life).  A great way to leverage this content is to drip one tip a day out. Each day they look forward to the next tip.  This is a great way to get them use to “seeing” you in their inbox. This is especially helpful in building rapport and trust with your newbies.

Of course, you will want to make ALL of your content relevant and useful to your target audience.  So, you better know them intimately!

Your homework

Take just 15 minutes and brainstorm as many lists as you can for your target audience. Next, work on writing the content. Keep it simple and relevant!

Can’t figure out what to write? Check Out my Content Marketing Sessions